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Virtual Golf Course Design

Bring your new or existing golf course playable onto the golfsimulator.
Use your virtual golf course for all your marketing activities around the world.

Sell advertisement to your virtual golf course and generate additional revenue!

Real Life 3D Graphics

  • animated nature - animation
  • very sophisticated 3D physics model

Create your virtual GC

let your customers feel, how it looks like, staying in a Villa along the fairway. This outstanding feature allows

  • real estate developers
  • golf course architects
  • golf resorts / golf clubs

to show their clients the spirit of the golf course. Clients can play the course long before it is even built.


  • Terrain model in AutoCAD format
  • Shape representations for the fairways, greens, other landscaping features
  • Landscape plan for vegetation
  • GPS location of the actual site
  • CAD drawings of all structures to be built for the course


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